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By Jeremy Gladstone (Sleeping Bag Studios)

"When you’ve got your main hooks dialed in as precisely as this sensational artist Trynket does on her brand-new single “Downbeat,” feel free to call us up, we’ll be happy to listen. Facts are that you just don’t end up discovering a Trynket each and every day when you’re mining through the music-scene out there – artists could go a lifetime and never tap into the natural connection she has to melody, rhythm and soul. Where there are a million great artists and bands out there in the world without question, it’s still incredibly rare to find one that you’re completely sure is feeling the music they’re making just as much as we are when we listen; I highly suspect that Trynket is every bit as into “Downbeat” as we all will be.

Because how could you not be into this vibe? When you can tell an artist is locked right into the heart of the moment and making all the right moves to suit the song…when the melody, hooks, music, and vocals all reveal wild doses of audible allure and an insane amount of accessibility…when you can tell that someone has found their way to the spotlight they were born to be in – everything sounds just like this. “Downbeat” is an exceptionally flawless cut that’s as catchy as it is cleverly designed; Trynket’s made extremely wise choices in giving this song a vibrant selection of memorable moments without this entire experience somehow feeling overstuffed. Instead, you actually get a remarkably chill cut you can’t help but groove to, infused with soulful vocals that draw you in through texture, tone, and sensory sound – the organic passion and naturally smooth skills of Trynket on the mic is 100% enticing. Shining with X-factor talent you can hear beaming through her voice and see for yourself in the sunny beach scenes that flow throughout her brand-new video – Trynket fully proves she’s got undeniable superstar presence." (FULL REVIEW ABOVE IN "PRESS")


9.17.20 - "Downbeat" out now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, & Bandcamp!


8.31.19 - "Picture (In My Brain)" out now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, & Bandcamp!



Inside the studio with Trynket - #mystory


Behind the scenes footage of Trynket's new music video "Picture (In My Brain)" 


Download "Inday From Cebu" on Bandcamp: trynket.bandcamp.com