Originally from Cebu, Philippines and now based in Miami, Trynket is a Filipino-American artist and video director who sings, writes, plays piano, and self-records in her bedroom. Soon after starting piano lessons at the age of five, Trynket began to compose her own songs. She has now started to release her self-written material in recent years and is quickly becoming one of Philippines’ most exciting new artists. 

After learning how to record herself in late 2020, according to Trynket, it “opened the floodgates” and enabled her to release music more consistently - often accompanied by stunning music videos that Trynket herself directs. This nonstop work ethic led to her releasing over 70 songs and landing on 14 Spotify editorial playlists the following year, including New Music Friday Philippines, OPM Rising, Pop Rising Philippines, and Visayan Sounds. Her fans and peers are now regarding her as “The Female Russ.” Her singles “Courtside" and "Highschool Crush” were also picked up by H&M Philippines and added to their “Best of H&M Philippines Store Playlist.”  

Inspired by 80s synth-pop and 90s R&B, the multi-talented artist credits “everyday life” and relationships as the inspiration for her writing and looks forward to releasing more new music this year. Trynket also looks forward to more collaborations this year with her mentors and top artists/songwriters in the industry such as Mickey Shiloh, Willis, Nonseq, and Arkitek MrJ.